Franklin Graham: Trump Shouldn’t Demonize Press, May Be Too Unhealthy to Run in 2024

During a wide ranging interview with Axios, Franklin Graham said that Trump should stop attacking the press and also wondered if his health will hold up for a 2024 run.

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 28: (AFP-OUT) Franklin Graham (R) talks with President Donald Trump during a ceremony as the late evangelist Billy Graham lies in repose at the U.S. Capitol, on February 28, 2018 in Washington, DC. Rev. Graham is being honored by Congress by lying in repose inside of the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for 24 hours. Graham was the nation’s best know Christian evangelist, preaching to millions worldwide, as well as being an advisor to US presidents over his six decade career. (Photo by Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images)

Trump would not have been able to win the presidency without Evangelical voters. And Graham is one of the most important figures in the Evanglical church. While he still supports the former president, he has some complaints and doubts about him.

During the talk with Mike Allen, Graham claimed that he often tells Trump hard truths. “Sometimes I walk out of his office and I think he’ll never invite me back again,” he said.

Graham also chided Trump for his frequent demonization of the press. “I think it’s hurt him. I think it built a wall. I think it created animosity when it shouldn’t have. Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn’t mean they’re your enemy.”

The Evangelical leader also questioned if Trump will be healthy enough to run for office in 2024. He told Allen, ‘I think for him, everything will depend on his health at that time. If he still has energy and strength like he does. I don’t. You know the guy does not eat well, you know, and it’s amazing the energy that he has.”



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