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Frank Figliuzzi: Jim Jordan Can’t Save Himself From Congressional Riot Committee

Frank Figliuzzi: Jim Jordan Can’t Save Himself From Congressional Riot Committee

Kevin McCarthy had a plan to keep Republicans from facing scrutiny for their actions on 1/6. He planned on making a mockery of the probe by appointing the most partisan GOP lawmakers possible. And one of those partisan lawmakers was Ohio’s Jim Jordan.

That sabotage attempt by McCarthy failed. So now the house minority leader has resorted to threatening telecom companies who may give GOP phone records to the committee. According to Frank Figliuzzi, though, Jordan and other Republicans won’t be able to save themselves.

The former FBI official told Nicolle Wallace:

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“I think we now know why Nancy Pelosi had to reject Jim Jordan. He is a fact witness and he’s going to get a very complicated future ahead of him. Here is why: First, he claims that he can’t remember how many times on Jan. 6th he called the president or what time of day, that’s easily remedied by simply checking your phone log and checking that date. If he can’t do it, the phone company will be more than happy to supply the select committee with that. That’s going to happen eventually. Next, he’s in a trick bag because if he concedes, as has been reported, that he actually called the president and said, ‘stand this crowd down, they’re inside, it is getting violent, you’ve got to stop them,’ that implies, of course, that he believed Trump controlled the crowd and had the ability to stop or start the crowd.”

Figliuzzi continued, “It hurts him because if he thinks the people were violent he goes back home to Ohio and his voter base says, wait a minute, those were patriots, those weren’t violent people. So, he can’t win there either. This gets extremely complicated.”

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