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Fox’s Wallace: “Right Will Paint Harris as Far Left, But She is Not”

Fox’s Wallace: “Right Will Paint Harris as Far Left, But She is Not”

Following Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate, the Trump campaign went to work attacking her. Senior Adviser Katrina Pierson released a statement calling Harris phony and saying that she called Biden racist. Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto later had to note that the California senator never said her running mate was racist.

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If the weak statement proved anything, it’s that the campaign will have trouble attacking Harris. Chris Wallace noted this during a Wednesday morning segment on Fox News. According to Wallace, the GOP will paint Harris as far left, but that’s just not true.

The Fox reporter made the comments while appearing on America’s Newsroom. Wallace told host Sandra Smith, “She is not far to the left, despite what Republicans are going to try to say.”

The frequent bane of Donald Trump continued:

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“Let’s think of who else Joe Biden could have picked, Sandra. He could have picked Susan Rice … Immediately, the Trump campaign would have been all over her. She was the person that covered for the Obama administration on Benghazi. She was involved in unmasking and the investigation of Michael Flynn. They don’t get to do any of that tying the vice presidential candidate back to Obama and the Russia investigation. Think if it had been Elizabeth Warren and there would have been all this talk ‘She’s far left, she’s for Medicare for all.'”

Wallace closed by arguing, “Despite the president saying yesterday that Kamala Harris was his number one draft pick, that’s the one he wanted the most, I promise you there are a lot of people he would have liked to be running against much more.”

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