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Fox’s Sean Duffy: Nancy Pelosi Knew About Capitol Attack in Advance and Let it Happen

Fox’s Sean Duffy: Nancy Pelosi Knew About Capitol Attack in Advance and Let it Happen

Since the January 6th insurrection on the Capitol, Fox News has been struggling. The former rating behemoth is now regularly losing to both CNN and MSNBC.

Representative Sean Duffy, a Republican from Wisconsin, questions John Stumpf, chief executive officer of Wells Fargo & Co., not pictured, during a House Financial Services Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016. Stumpf, fighting to keep his job amid a national political furor, will forgo more than $41 million of stock and salary as the banks board investigates how employees opened legions of bogus accounts for customers. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rather than toning down their rhetoric, though, many of the channels contributors are delving deeper into conspiracy theories. This was clearly evident on Monday’s episode of Fox and Friends when Sean Duffy accused Nancy Pelosi of knowing about the Capitol attack in advance and doing nothing to stop it.

Duffy’s wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy began by claiming that Democrats didn’t call witnesses because it would expose Pelosi. “It’s so funny how quickly everything shut down as soon as the question of bringing up Nancy Pelosi as a witness was brought up.”

The former Wisconsin congressman then weighed in, “Hey Will, if you dig too deep, I don’t think Democrats wanted to see what we were going to find. What did Nancy Pelosi know? When did she know it? If she knew that there was attack on Capitol, why didn’t she secure it earlier? Why didn’t she bring in the National Guard? What did Mitch McConnell know? What did AOC know?”

Host Will Cain chimed in, “Or Mayor [Muriel] Bowser know?”

Duffy continued, “That’s right. They don’t want to look there, Pete. They want to keep the focus on Donald Trump, not on what they didn’t do to protect the Capitol, Will.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News network:


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