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Fox’s Rachel Campos-Duffy: Republicans Lost Georgia Because of “African-American Culture”

Fox’s Rachel Campos-Duffy: Republicans Lost Georgia Because of “African-American Culture”

In 2018, Stacey Abrams lost the Georgia Gubernatorial race to Brian Kemp. The race, in which Kemp used his powers as Secretary of State to remove Black voters from the rolls, was wildly unfair. Rather than stewing in her anger, Abrams fought to register voters and fight back against the system that wronged her.

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The fruits of Abrams labor have been evident in both the National election and yesterday’s runoff. The view of what happened in Georgia, though, is different on Fox News. On Wednesday, Rachel Campos-Duffy claimed that the GOP’s loss in the state was due to “African-American culture.”

The Fox correspondent made the comments during a morning spot with Sandra Smith. She told the host, “I think there are limits to what [Republican] politics can do. I believe culture is more important, that elections are lagging indicators of what is happening in the culture. And let’s be very clear, we have been under a multi-generational, very patient, very potent indoctrination program by the left.”

Campos-Duffy continued:

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“The African-American vote was very important in this vote. It really is what won the day. And the African-American culture has been captured by the left,” the pundit added, “whether it’s sports, media, their leaders. I mean, to the point where you have a pastor — a pastor, a Christian pastor — who unabashedly announces that he is pro-abortion.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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