Fox’s Pirro: The Kind of Fraud the NRA is Accused of “Is No Big Deal”

On Wednesday night, word leaked that New York’s Attorney General’s office would be making a major announcement the next day. Many thought the news might have to do with Donald Trump. Instead, Attorney General Letitia James called for the disolvement of the National Rifle Association over charges of fraud.

Jeanine Pirro – Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Fox News and its cadre of anchors were ready to speak up for the embattled organization. The most stirring defense came from Judge Jeanine Pirro. The host claimed that accusations like the ones made against the NRA were “no big deal.”

Pirro first set her sights on Letitia James. Upon being elected, James famously claimed that she would make a sweeping investigation into Donald Trump’s businesses. “This Letitia James is a Trump-hating, NRA-hating individual, who made both a central theme of her campaign when she ran for attorney general in liberal New York State, if I need to add that myself. So she is coming through with her promise that she was going to destroy the NRA.”

The former judge then said that what the NRA is accused of wouldn’t be a big deal if she was on the bench. She continued:

“But look, I’ve prosecuted organizations or individuals who cheated their organizations, okay. It happens all the time. It’s no big deal. Alright. But this is her conclusion – she says, ‘now I’m going to move to dissolve the NRA.’ You’re gonna what?” You’re gonna dissolve the NRA? It is the biggest voice for gun owners in America. Is this suddenly starting to sound political?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:



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