Fox’s Mark Levin Wants Primary Challengers For Any Republican Who Votes to Convict Trump

The Tea Party rose after Barack Obama won the 2008 election. And the Tea Party candidates, who swung far to the right, won a number of primaries against establishment Republicans. Many of the candidates (especially in the senate), then went on to lose general election bids against Democrats.

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Following the loss of Trump, the Republican party may be split now even more than it was back then. Trump himself is helping to create that fracture by considering creating his own political party. And the ex-President’s allies on Fox News are taking part as well. On Sunday, Mark Levin called for primary challengers for any GOP member who votes to convict Donald Trump.

Levin told his viewers, “I wrote down a few things that I think we need to do to defend our Republican Party and breathe new life into it.”

The Fox host continued, “Primary any and all Republicans who have participated in or will participate in this ‘Salem witch trial,’ this unconstitutional act against former President Trump. And those who seek to censure or otherwise silence Senators [Ted] Cruz and [Josh] Hawley. The left and certain Republicans do not get to decide who we choose as our leaders and who we choose as our president next time around.”

Watch the show below, courtesy of the Fox News network:

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