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Fox’s Mark Levin Suggests Prayer in School Could Stop Mass Shootings

Fox’s Mark Levin Suggests Prayer in School Could Stop Mass Shootings

The hosts at Fox News would really like to say that armed teachers could have stopped yesterday’s massacre in Uvalde, Texas. The problem is, that the gunman was able to enter the school after a shootout with a number of police officers.

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So Mark Levin made a different suggestion. Of course, he doesn’t think that gun control could have prevented the mass shooting. Instead, the Fox radio host thinks prayer might have been effective.

The host began by arguing, “This is not so easily addressed by politics, ‘let’s pass a law.’ These lunatics don’t really care what laws you passed, and if they had mental health issues they don’t even know what laws you passed. It’s of no consequence.”

Levin continued:

“That we work to bring our culture together. Not just unite the American people as I said earlier, yes, but we have to — we need to celebrate our culture. We need to celebrate Americanism, we need to celebrate the Judeo-Christian principles that went into the founding of this nation. And if you’re not Jewish, you’re not Christian, there’s no reason to take offense. You came here, a family member came here because of the nature of the country. You fled. You don’t have to be Jewish or Christian but facts are facts. It was founded on a Judeo-Christian belief system which embraces Western civilization and the Renaissance the Reformation, and all these things.”

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“It’s not so terrible to have a prayer in school, is it? Even a silent prayer. To think about a higher authority, learn the Ten Commandments. Ten Commandments are common sense.”

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