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Fox’s Mark Levin: It’s the Racists That Make The Country Work

Fox’s Mark Levin: It’s the Racists That Make The Country Work

A popular theme on Fox News is the idea that the votes and ideas of Conservatives are more valuable than those of others. This is an important aspect of their voter suppression talking points.

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Fox hosts and their views also get very angry when they are called racists, no matter what what racist things they say.

Mark Levin combined these two aspects recently during a radio spot. The radio host told viewers:

”We have two sets of rules, one for illegal aliens who come into this country, and we don’t know about them, and two, the rest of us law abiding American citizens who follow the laws and pay our taxes.

That’s right. We’re the ones, you know, the ‘racists,’ as the media call us. All the racists out there, we’re the ones that make the country work. We’re the ones that provide the food and harvest it.

We’re the ones who truck it across the country. We’re the ones who put it on the shelves to feed their fat faces. That’s correct.”

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Listen to the segment below, courtesy of Fox:


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