Fox’s Levin: Unvaxxed People Who Got COVID are Less of a Threat Than People Who Have Been Vaxxed

As a company policy, Fox requires its employees to either get the COVID-19 vaccine, or submit to daily testing. And while a high percentage of their programming is focused on discussing vaccine mandates, the personalities of the network never talk about that one. 

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Instead, Fox hosts are focused on telling their viewers that it is fine to not get vaccinated despite surging case loads in red states. On Thursday, Mark Levin took it a step farther. The radio host claimed that unvaccinated people who have had COVID are less of a threat that vaccinated people.

Speaking with a caller, Levin opined:

“But I’m saying two, three days, then they have natural immunity and they actually have better immunity than people who are vaccinated. And we’re not taking that into account. You try, doctor, you go to the CDC website and tell me if you can find how many people are mentioned there, the numbers, the data on natural immunity, the antibodies. You’re not going to find it. Why? I’m not a conspiracy nut, but why? Why do we treat — how many of the unvaccinated are people who have natural immunity? It’s got to be a significant percentage of them.”

The host continued, “But here’s another theory, or at least not theory, another model of thinking, and that is — and DeSantis and others think this — if people want to get vaccinated, they should. If they don’t, they come down with the virus. They get the natural immunity, they’re treated with therapeutics, they go back into society. They’re less of a threat than people who’ve been vaccinated.”

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