Fox’s Kilmeade, Varney Disagree on Message Sent by Trump Contracting Coronavirus

Little was known early this morning about how serious a case of the coronavirus Donald Trump is experiencing. But that didn’t stop “Fox & Friends” cohost Brian Kilmeade from gazing into his crystal ball and speculating about the “message” it might send if the obese septuagenarian president somehow quickly defeats the disease.

Appearing with fellow Fox Business host Stuart Varney, Kilmeade indicated he wanted to take discussion of Trump’s condition to “another level:”

“There’s a lot of people out there saying ‘if I get it, I die.’ Seven million people out there have it. It’s terrible. Now what if the most famous person in the world gets it and in 10 days is back out? Doesn’t that also send a message in that you could say whatever you want in stats & graphs but I give you an example of somebody who’s in that danger age of 74 who is out there, gets it, and beats it? Could that also send a message?”

Varney didn’t exactly share Kilmead’s optimistic outlook and thought the discussion should go to yet another level:

“This is a distinct possibility, Brian. But I think the immediate reaction on many people’s part will be ‘My goodness – if the president of the United States can get it, maybe I can too. I’m going to be more cautious. I’m going to wear a mask more often. And I’m not so keen on opening up the economy and going out to restaurants and bars again.'”

As Kilmeade grumpily looked on, Varney went on to say that if Trump recovers quickly it might limit the negative impact his diagnosis is having on the stock market.

Note: As they were having this exchange, the graphic in the lower right corner of the screen is showing Dow futures in a massive selloff.

Watch the clip below:

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