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Fox’s Jason Chaffetz Blasted Joe Biden For not Thanking Trump During Acceptance Speech

Fox’s Jason Chaffetz Blasted Joe Biden For not Thanking Trump During Acceptance Speech

There is a tradition of civility and honor in American politics. Candidates who lose are expected to accept the results with grace and conceded to their opponent. Despite Joe Biden’s clear victory in the 2020 election, Donald Trump plans on doing none of these things.

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Amazingly enough, those on the right expect Joe Biden to extend courtesy to Donald Trump while he receives none in return. During a Sunday interview, Fox contributor Jason Chaffetz blasted the president-elect for not “thanking and honoring” Donald Trump during his Saturday night speech.

The former Utah congressman told Steve Hilton, “There was no big blue wave. That didn’t happen. I do think the president has some legal avenues to pursue. Let’s remember that counties administer this election, states certify those elections, not the national media.”

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Chaffetz continued:

“There is not a single state in the United States that has certified their election yet. So you know, you can have a crying Stephen Colbert putting on an act — because he is an actor — saying he was just so saddened by this, but I never saw them crying about Donald Trump. You know. Donald Trump, when he won, his victory speech, first he did was thank and honor Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden in his speech last night never even mentioned Donald Trump directly. Did not thank him for his service. Did not honor Donald Trump and all the success he had in this country. He didn’t even do that. And so, you know, cart’s before the horse here. You have got to go through. The president has legal avenues.”

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