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Fox’s Gutfeld: Red State Secession “Wouldn’t Be The Worst Thing in the World” [VIDEO]

Fox’s Gutfeld: Red State Secession “Wouldn’t Be The Worst Thing in the World” [VIDEO]

In January of 2017, Republicans gained control of the White House, House and Senate. Democrats were utterly devastated. But the left fought back, taking the House back in 2018 and the other two bodies in 2020.

CEDAR PARK, TEXAS – OCTOBER 11: Greg Gutfeld performs as part of the “Tailgate Series” parking lot shows at H-E-B Center at Cedar Park on October 11, 2020 in Cedar Park, Texas. (Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Republican reaction has been quite different. There have been 9 months of desperate election fraud claims and nonsensical audits. And now that it is clear that those will not work, some Republicans have a different idea; secession. During his Thursday night broadcast, Fox host Greg Gutfeld said that a red state secession, “wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

The host began, “Why not try it for two years, red and blue,” he said. “Let the Democrats do their Democrat thing, the Republicans do the Republican thing, and see what happens, who moves where — what could happen?”

Gutfeld continued:

“I’m probably going to get myself in trouble with this, but like, would it be the worst thing? I don’t know, I’m sick and tired of people who hate this country, I’m sick and tired of who say the flag is some sort of — the sign of evilness or oppression, who despise the country that we live in. I’m tired of the government now, you know, people like [Joe] Biden want to weaponize the government, against people who supported [Donald] Trump. So I mean, I don’t know, would it be the worst thing.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:


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