Fox’s Ed Henry Defends Frequent Trump Target Jon Karl

Jon Karl has long been a well respected member of the news media. In 2019, he parlayed that respect into becoming the 94th President of the White House Correspondents’ Association.

Siena College via Flickr

The ABC News reporter has also earned praise for his willingness to push back against Donald Trump at the COVID-19 Press Briefings. This has earned him frequent insults from the President. On Wednesday, Fox News’ anchor Ed Henry defended Karl saying the reporters questions both sides.

During an early April press briefing, Trump said to the reporter, “You’re a third-rate reporter and what you just said is a disgrace, OK?” The President then told Karl, “You will never make it.”

Henry referenced those comments while having Karl appears as a guest on America’s Newsroom. He told the audience, “I want to say, by the way, when I covered President Obama we were pretty much side-by-side there, and there were many times that the Obama White House tried to dismiss my questions and say, ‘You’re just playing gotcha because you’re at Fox.'”

The host continued, “And it was Jon Karl, that man right there, who more often than not said, ‘Hang on a second, that’s a fair question, why don’t you answer it,’ and he would persist. My point being, he does challenge both sides.”

Karl also had the opportunity to weigh in on Trump, saying, “He watches the network morning shows, he watches the network evening shows, he reads the New York Times even as he vilifies the New York Times. He consumes media, he is an expert on media, he loves to see his name in print or on the screen.”

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