Fox’s Earhardt: “I Don’t Know Anyone That’s Hateful Who Has Supported Trump”

There are plenty of people who are clearly racist that have supported Donald Trump. During the Charlottesville rally, where people shouted, “Jews will not replace us,” there were plenty of Trump flags and MAGA hats.

Photo by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

But post insurrection, the hosts of Fox News are pushing the idea that racism had nothing to do with Trump’s rise. Host Martha MacCallum was aghast yesterday that Joe Biden mentioned white supremacy during his inaugural address. And on Wednesday morning, Ainsley Earhardt claimed that she didn’t know anyone hateful that supports Trump.

The Fox and Friends host told here audience, “I’m sure there are hateful people on both sides, but the Trump supporters that we all know, I don’t consider them hateful people. … You might disagree with them, but I don’t know anyone that’s hateful who has supported him.”

Earhardt continued, “A lot of that crowd voted for him because they like his stance on being pro-life. They are good people, they go to church on Sundays, they’re not hateful. And The Left has gotta understand that part of the country… before we can move on to unity.”

Watch clips of Earhadt’s comments below, courtesy of the Fox News network:


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