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Fox’s Ben Domenech Demeans Veteran’s Service as “Murdering Brown People”

Fox’s Ben Domenech Demeans Veteran’s Service as “Murdering Brown People”

Last week, a number of Republican senators voted against a bill that would provide healthcare for injured veterans. The case for the veterans has been boosted by comedian Jon Stewart who has argued their case on both Conservative and Liberal news networks.

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The Conservative case against helping veterans is essentially indefensible. That doesn’t mean, however, that they aren’t going to defend it. Ben Domenech got into a Twitter spat with Democrat and veteran Lucas Kunce this weekend. And during the beef, the Fox host told the veteran he was only over in Afghanistan murdering brown people.

Domenech, husband to Meghan McCain, argued that the filibuster couldn’t possibly be repealed to help veterans. Kunce tweeted, “What’s horsesh*t is when people like you act like some archaic Senate procedure is more important than health care for our veterans. I got sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, so I’ll be damned if some Bush White House toady is going to lecture me about democracy.”

The Fox contributor shot back, “I don’t think we needed to pay you to travel across the world and murder brown people, Lucas. You should probably send that money back.”

Jason Kander, another veteran and former Missouri Secretary of State, weighed in, “I’m not super into ‘canceling’ people, but I’d like to see this Ben Domenech fella, who never served, ironically writes for something called The Spectator, and just referred to fighting for America as ‘murdering brown people’ sit out a few snaps.”

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Domenech ironically served in the George W. Bush administration during the war he is referring to.

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