Fox's Watters Says Trump Will End Up Asking Biden to Return Classified Documents to Him

The personalities of Fox News would really like to offer Donald Trump some kind of protection in his current federal case. The issue is that the evidence against the former President looks pretty damning. So instead of attempting to argue against the charges, they mostly talk about Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton. 

Jesse Watters, who took over Tucker Carlson's 8 PM slot, attempted to go in a different direction. He thinks that Trump's actions are so minor that he will end up asking Joe Biden for the documents back. 

The host began, "George H.W. Bush’s records ended up in a strip mall between a Chinese restaurant and a bowling alley. Bill Clinton didn’t just have tapes in a sock drawer. He had docs in a car dealership in Little Rock. George W. Bush stored his in a warehouse in Texas, and Obama kept his at the defunct furniture store right across the street from Mickey D’s."

Watters continued, "30 FBI agents didn’t show up to their doorsteps with guns. Their wives never had their underwear drawers rummaged through. Trump’s lawyer should have filed the motion last spring immediately, once he got a subpoena, and argued that these records are personal under the Presidential Records Act."

The Fox News host closed, "In fact, at the end of this case, President Trump will be able to argue for Joe Biden to return these personal documents back to Mar-a-Lago. Mar-a-Lago is where the former office of the presidency is, which is funded by taxpayers and protected by the Secret Service."