Fox News Viewers Are More Likely To Give Trump Good Grades On Coronavirus Response Than Americans Overall

Fox News viewers are more likely to think the coronavirus pandemic is being blown out of proportion than average Americans believe, and significantly more likely to give President Donald Trump praise for his response to the crisis.


The White House/Wikimedia

That’s among some of the findings from a recent Daily Kos/Civiqs poll, published on Tuesday morning.

The poll found that a majority of respondents did not approve of Trump’s work trying to combat the spread of COVID-19. Forty-four percent said he’s doing a good job, while 51 percent disapprove of what he’s done so far.

But the poll also looked at respondents’ television habits, asking if they watched MSNBC or Fox News regularly. Among Fox News viewers who said they watch the network frequently, a whopping 97 percent gave him approving numbers, while only 3 percent disapproved of his response to coronavirus.

The positive accolades for Trump and his administration can be noted throughout the poll among viewers of the conservative-leaning network — including a higher level of Fox News viewers that believe the virus itself is no big deal.

Though a majority of Fox News frequent viewers still said coronavirus is a real threat (55 percent), among those who regularly watch the network, the number of worried individuals paled in comparison with the overall U.S. population (74 percent). Meanwhile, more than a third of Fox News viewers said that coronavirus was being “blown out of proportion,” compared to just 20 percent of Americans overall who said so.

Americans are not happy with the federal government’s response ― only 46 percent said they’re completely or mostly happy, while 52 percent said they were not very happy or not happy at all with the feds’ job performance. Fifty-seven percent believe the federal government acted too slowly to respond to the threat of coronavirus.

The findings match similar polling questions from a separate survey earlier in the month, which also found that those who watch Fox News regularly are less likely to take the threat of the disease seriously, as well as less likely to stay at home to quell the virus’ spread, as health experts recommend doing.

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