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Fox News Stops Broadcasting Trump Rallies – White House Concerned

Fox News Stops Broadcasting Trump Rallies – White House Concerned

In the first year of his presidency, Donald Trump’s odd campaign rallies had been broadcasted live by pretty much every major news network, whether it was Fox News, CNN or MSNBC. As the months wore on, however, both CNN and MSNBC stopped broadcasting these rallies, instead opting to either cover highlights and outtakes from the events, or just not reporting on them at all.

Now it appears as if Fox News has also decided that Trump rallies are not bringing in the viewership and ratings they once did, and has pulled the plug on full, live broadcasts. Fox News, the president’s preferred news network, made the decision apparently this week during a string of Trump rallies leading up to the midterm elections on November 6.

During the rally on Saturday in Council Bluffs, Iowa, no major news network had the live broadcast, and even C-SPAN cut away from the rally in order to cover what they deemed to be more important news. Then, last night when Trump was speaking in Erie Pennsylvania, all three major networks covered Hurricane Michael, barely even touching on the president’s remarks at his event.

Meanwhile, the White House is reportedly concerned that the President may be losing control of one of his most influential news platforms, Fox News, just ahead of the all-important midterm elections.

According to Politico, a source close to the president described the declining coverage as a “huge loss on the state and local level for Republicans because they’re certainly not going to get any of that on other cable networks.”

One senior White House official told Politico that the White House is going “to look into” why Fox News has decided to pull the plug on full, live broadcasts of the rallies.

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As an illustration of how harmful Trump’s rallies are to Fox’s ratings, take an example from August 30, when the president was in Evansville, Indiana, speaking at a rally at 8 pm. Fox News drew in 2.536 million viewers for this rally, but ordinarily, they’d have approximately 2.8 million during their 8 pm Tucker Carlson segment.

We reached out to the White House for further comment, but have yet to hear back.

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