Fox News’ Sean Hannity Removes All Julian Assange Content From His Twitter Account

By now, the whole world knows that Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange has been arrested. This puts quite a few people in an awkward position, since they had openly championed the Wikileaks dumps of material from the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. One such person seems to be Fox News personality Sean Hannity.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

As of Monday, it appears Hannity has deleted everything regarding Julian Assange from his Twitter feed. Hannity used to be quite the Assange fan, even telling the Wikileaks founder that he would make a good guest host for Hannity’s radio show. Hannity also promoted Assange’s credibility, saying that “nothing he has published has ever been false.”

This makes the Assange cleansing of Hannity’s feed seem most suspicious, considering the timing. However, it seems that Twitter personality Richard Feren was too quick for Hannity’s team, and has preserved the pro-Assange tweets for the world to see:


This is a good reminder for us all – nothing is ever deleted from the internet. Sean Hannity would do well to realize that.

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