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Fox News Said Trump Was Working At The White House But He Was Really Golfing

Fox News Said Trump Was Working At The White House But He Was Really Golfing

How sad is it that Fox News now feels the need to lie about Donald Trump’s work ethic. The network sent out a tweet at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday in which it claimed the President was hard at work at the White House over the weekend.

“PRESIDENT TRUMP SPENDING WEEKEND WORKING AT THE WHITE HOUSE,” the network announced while showing a time-stamped image of the White House.

“[T]his is like when you start to do your homework when you hear the garage door opening,” one Twitter user noted, referring to the fact that Fox News sent out the tweet when the weekend was all but over.

In reality, Trump was spending millions of taxpayer dollars over the weekend as he visited Trump National Golf Club in Potomac Falls, Virginia., just outside Washington.

Reporters were told Trump had “meetings” at the golf club. The presidential motorcade returned to the White House shortly after 4 p.m. Saturday while Trump stuck around to play a round of golf.

According to pool reports, about 9 p.m. Saturday, Trump visited the Trump International Hotel in Washington to have dinner where he held meetings with undisclosed parties.

On Sunday morning, Trump returned to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia, arriving at 11:04 a.m. where he allegedly wrapped up three meetings, before returning late Sunday afternoon to the White House.

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