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Fox News Praises Navy SEAL Who Allegedly Killed Little Girl And Elderly Individual

Fox News Praises Navy SEAL Who Allegedly Killed Little Girl And Elderly Individual

Fox News hosts on a popular morning program couldn’t understand why some might be concerned or even critical over the president’s plans to pardon purported war criminals in the run-up to Memorial Day.

After a report from the New York Times detailed how President Donald Trump had requested expedited paperwork on a number of dubious U.S. military personnel, hosts on the network’s program “Fox & Friends” tried to defend the president’s actions.

“These are men who went into the most dangerous places on earth with a job to defend us and made tough calls on a moment’s notice,” host Pete Hegseth said, according to reporting from Mediaite.

That’s not necessarily true, however, if the allegations reported on by the Times are to be believed. One of those being considered for a pardon, for instance, is former Navy SEAL member Edward Gallagher, who has been accused by his fellow SEALs of engaging in many alarming actions.

Gallagher allegedly shot a school-aged girl as well as an unarmed elderly individual, the report pointed out. Additionally, he stands accused of stabbing a teenager that was detained, later on bragging about it to his fellow personnel through text messaging.

Gallagher is also accused of parking an armored vehicle near villages close to his base, where he “emptied the truck’s heavy machine gun into neighborhoods on the other side with no discernible targets” — an act that doesn’t sound like making a tough call “on a moment’s notice” like Hegseth said.

Gallagher faces trial for his accused actions at the end of this month. Despite his alleged atrocities, Trump has seemingly sympathized with him in tweets he’s made in the past.

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Other members of the “Fox & Friends” team on Sunday morning tried to suggest that Trump’s pardons of these accused war criminals could somehow be a good thing.

“I think this will be a very unifying force in favor of what [Trump’s] doing,” host Jedidah Bilah said. “I mean, if there’s one thing that unites people around the country, it is a love of our military and a love for those who have served.”

Hegseth then accused “the left” for planning to “attack” Trump over the issue. They will say “he’s releasing war criminals, he’s loosening the rules of engagement, our men and women are willy nilly killing civilians — it’s all garbage,” he added.

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