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Fox News Polls Spur Another Trumper Tantrum — “Totally FAKE!”

Fox News Polls Spur Another Trumper Tantrum — “Totally FAKE!”

Fox news polls upset the president

Donald Trump is upset with Fox News polls again, though he believes that polls overall are favoring him. In a series of tweets, he complained that the network he often favors had their information all wrong and should have fired their pollster — then boasts that he’s winning in “all states named” and that polls are doing great.

Fox news polls upset the president
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Trump has complained about Fox News polls before. Though the network, with its conservative leanings, often seems to please him, spurring him to tweet endorsements of many of its opinion shows, the polls don’t always favor Trump as much as he’d like. The current polling released by the network focuses on four states: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Fox shows Biden leading in three of those states — Michigan (52% to 40%), Pennsylvania (50% to 45%), and Wisconsin (49% to 44%) — and Trump leading Ohio (48% to 45%) by a few points. Their analysis also notes that Trump won Ohio by 8 points in 2016, and each of the other three by less than a percentage point — all indicating a significant shift away from him in the current election.

The unhappy incumbent responded to this, as to most news, with a tweet.


A short time later, he boasted that his polling numbers are great, citing a Rasmussen poll showing a 52% approval rating.

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Notably, that poll also specifies that only 41% “Strongly Approve” and 43% “Strongly Disapprove,” adding up to a Presidential Approval Rating of -2.

Trump again cited his oft-stated claim of 96& approval within the Republican Party, for which he has never released a source.

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