[COMMENTARY] Fox News Poll Shows Trump Losing Voters In All Major Categories

Just days before the November 3rd Election Day–or “Counting Day” as many have begun to call it, since that’s when votes will start being counted, but a winner may not be announced–a new Fox News poll shows Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump significantly in the voting categories that matter the most, and it’s unlikely Trump will be able to make up the difference with millions taking advantage of early voting and voting by mail no matter how many superspreader events he desperately holds over the final voting weekend of the year. You might as well call it the Trump Farewell Tour, although no one connected to Donald Trump ever really fares well.

The poll tracks the “Vote Preference Among Likely Voters Groups Favoring Biden”: all women, suburban women, Hispanics, Blacks, and voters under thirty. Obviously the scale tips towards Joe Biden in every category, but some by such unbeatable margins, it’s difficult not to lend the results a little bit of weight. While we all remember how heavily the polls favored Hillary Clinton in 2016, record early voting numbers indicate Democrats are turning up to make sure Biden receives not only a record-breaking Popular Vote win but the Electoral College votes he needs as well.

So Trump can beg all he wants, but more women are answering his pleas with a resounding “Ew, no” than not. White women voted for him by a much higher margin in 2016, but plenty of conservative women who value their body autonomy aren’t as subjugated as that 39% in the photo, and are therefore finally turning away from Trump.

And Trump can say he’s the least racist person in the room, but he’s clearly the most racist person in the race, as Blacks continue to overwhelmingly vote Democratic, especially Black women, who vote for the Democratic ticket 97% of the time. Cubans in Florida might love Trump (and, why? Do they miss the Castro years?) but Hispanics are expected to turn up for Biden, who wants to finally grant Puerto Rico statehood, instead of forgetting it’s part of America like Donny Paper Towels.

We all know polls aren’t the deciding factor, the votes are. But Trump will see those numbers and send out more 3 am projection rage tweets. In these last few days of uncertainty, it brings a certain sense of personal joy to know he’s panicked as hell.

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