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Fox News Poll Shows ‘Majorities’ Support Vaccine and Mask Mandates Amid Increasing COVID Fears

Fox News Poll Shows ‘Majorities’ Support Vaccine and Mask Mandates Amid Increasing COVID Fears

Three-quarters of registered voters are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ concerned about the pandemic, according to a new poll conducted by Fox News. Yes, THAT Fox News.

The poll found that majorities support mask and vaccine mandates advocated by the Biden administration, as the coronavirus pandemic remains a top concern.

Joe Biden is not faking mask-wearing
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Three-quarters of registered voters are “extremely” or “very” concerned about the pandemic (74 percent), a 5-point increase from August when 69 percent were worried. The shift comes mainly from Republicans (+14) and men (+8). Nearly one-quarter (23 percent) of voters view the coronavirus as being under control in the United States. That’s mostly unchanged since August (25 percent), but well below the high in May when nearly half (46 percent) thought it was under control.

The only issue more worrisome to voters is inflation and higher prices (82 percent concerned, according to Fox).

The new survey, released Sunday, finds two-thirds believe schools should require masks of teachers and students (67 percent), and businesses should do the same with employees and customers (66 percent). Voters are a little less enthusiastic about vaccine mandates, but still support them for teachers (61 percent), the federal government (58 percent), and business employees (55 percent). Fifty-four percent favor cities and towns requiring proof of vaccination to participate in indoor activities, up from 50 percent last month.

On September 9, President Biden ordered all businesses with 100 employees or more to require immunization or weekly testing. Fifty-six percent agree with this directive (41 percent oppose). The President’s strongest issue remains the coronavirus, with 55 percent approving of his handling of the pandemic, relatively unchanged from August when 54 percent approved, but down from a high of 64 percent in May and June.

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When the issues are divided by party, nine in ten Democrats think masks are effective (91 percent) and should be required in schools (90 percent) and businesses (89 percent). On the other hand, narrow majorities of Republicans say masks are not effective (51 percent) and oppose them in schools and businesses (both at 55 percent). Overall, 55 percent believe both masks and jabs work, while 17 percent don’t believe in either.

As the second year of school during COVID gets underway, the survey finds two-thirds of parents believe masks are effective (67 percent) and support teachers and students wearing them (67 percent), while smaller majorities believe the vaccine is safe (56 percent) and teachers should be required get it (53 percent).


When it comes to the vaccine, Democrats overwhelmingly (about 8-in-10) believe it is safe and effective and favor all the mandates. For Republicans, while more believe the vaccine is safe and effective (50 percent) than not (43 percent), roughly 6-in-10 disagree with the proposed mandates.

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