Fox News Poll Shows Biden Beating Trump; President Says Network Should Use CNN, CNBC Polls

President Donald Trump tweeted in apparent frustration Friday after seeing that a Fox News poll showed him losing to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential race. He suggested that instead of publishing their own polling information, Fox should be sharing data from polls that have shown Trump as favorable to win — including polls from CNN and CNBC.

Donald Trump says Fox should use CNBC, CNN polls
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Fox released new polling data showing that voters expect Trump to be better for the economy, but Biden to be more dependable on health care, and on the pandemic response. Moreover, when asked who they’d support if voting today, 48% of respondents chose Biden, compared to only 40% for Trump. The president tweeted to compare this to polling in 2016 that showed Trump losing to Hillary Clinton. Though he did lose the popular vote to her by around 3 million votes, he won the electoral votes required to take the presidency.

CNN, by contrast, shared polling last week that showed Biden leading nationally, but Trump leading in the swing states that have a significant role in determining election outcomes.

CNBC‘s latest polls have Trump leading by a hair — 47.5% to Biden’s 46.8%.

Trump expressed Friday that he would have preferred for Fox to share either of these sets of numbers, instead.

Trump has been expressing irritation with Fox for a while, complaining Thursday that CNN and MSNBC are “all in” for Democrats, but Fox isn’t giving him and other Republicans enough help.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to share unsubstantiated numbers of his own, claiming 96% approval in the Republican party, and an older poll showing him at 50% approval. The 50% stat is either a misstating of a poll from May 12, which actually had him at 51% approval, or reuse of numbers from April, when the Harris poll showed him at 50%. The Hill has both sets of numbers here. It should be noted that Harris polls can skew conservative.

It’s not just polls, either. Trump regularly bashes Fox when one of their reporters disagrees with him or says anything he considers unfavorable or unsupportive. However, he’s still quick to support the network when he feels they are returning the favor.

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