Fox News Picks Mark Fuhrman — Who Said BPOC Murder, Then Have Fried Chicken — To Analyze George Floyd Death

Fox News contributor Mark Fuhrman is a former LAPD detective who became famous during the O.J. Simpson trial for racist language. Now, he’s brought onto the station’s news and opinion shows to analyze black deaths. On Friday, it was George Floyd’s turn to be given the Fuhrman treatment.

Fox News has Mark Fuhrman for George Floyd opinions
[Screenshot vie Ingraham Angle/YouTube]

Even Fuhrman couldn’t dismiss Floyd’s death, which he described as a “slow-motion homicide,” saying that police unnecessarily escalated over “a trivial event.” However, he did address rioting, suggesting that it’s not an effective response because, “eventually you’re going to run out of buildings,” and said that the mayor and police chief will both lose their jobs. He also found the opportunity to compare this killing to the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, calling Brown’s death a case of “two people engaging.”

Fuhrman has quite a history on Fox News. A few years ago, Media Matters For America caught clip of him appearing on the show to discuss a book about O.J. Simpson, and making a reference to people who will, in Fuhrman’s words, “kill somebody and go have some chicken at KFC.” (Confronted about this, he maintained that it wasn’t a racist statement, since he has eaten at KFC himself.)

In another instance, Fuhrman appeared on the network to discuss Trayvon Martin’s death, who he called, “a dead victim, or dead suspect,” and to agree with Megan Kelly that the racial makeup of the jury would be relevant to the outcome, as Crooks and Liars reported at the time.

The social media response was not insensitive to Fuhrman’s background and history.

Protests across the nation continue. While former officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested and charged, the other three officers who were present at George Floyd’s death and, at minimum, did not intervene, have only been fired, and at present face no legal consequences for their role in the events.

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