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Fox News Panelists Rip Into Trump’s Behavior During His Iraq Troops Visit

Fox News Panelists Rip Into Trump’s Behavior During His Iraq Troops Visit

If Donald Trump’s favorite news program is any indication his support among conservative media might finally be dwindling. Fox & Friends, long a pro-Trump show, has recently begun to take shots at the president both among its own hosts and its guest panelists.

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Trump recently visited troops in Iraq and the hastily taken trip has been heavily criticized. Today, many panelists on the Fox & Friends segment, Outnumbered, took shots at the president’s behavior during the trip.

Julia Banderas began the segment wondering out loud about Trump’s relationship with Turkey and Russia. She was also critical of the language Trump used while speaking with the troops: “I would never consider us as a country, as the United States, suckers. We have always led the fight in every single major war. Our military were men and women, I believe, deserve way more respect than that,” Banderas lamented.

Jessica Tarlov also took issue with the president using the trip as a campaign rally. She noted that Trump was unpopular with soldiers: “Trump’s approval rating with the military is at 44% while Jim Mattis’ is at 84%. Why is that? If he is the most beloved and the most supportive of the military out there, why is his approval rating under 50%?”

Matttis, who serves as Trump’s Secretary of Defense, resigned early last week. On his way out, Mattis penned a resignation letter that was critical of Trump and his overseas policies. That letter led to Trump announcing he would terminate Mattis on January 1, even though Mattis offered to stay for several months so a proper replacement could be vetted.

Tarlov was countered by Kennedy and James Freeman who noted that Trump was was effusive in military praise.

Tarlov countered this point by discussing Trump’s pay raise lie, “‘This is your first pay raise you’ve gotten in ten years,’ which is a categorical lie. These people own those paychecks, they know exactly what they are earning. Why is that productive to go out there and do that?”

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