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Fox News’ Napolitano: Mueller May Have Enough to Prosecute Trump

Fox News’ Napolitano: Mueller May Have Enough to Prosecute Trump

Despite working for Fox News, Judge Andrew Napolitano is very pragmatic in his opinions. Whether it be criticizing Trump for his State of Emergency declaration, or his use of NDA’s, the judge typically takes an even, level-headed stance.

With his legal background, Napolitano is more than capable of making determinations on the Mueller Report. The judges latest declaration is that the report potentially contains enough damaging evidence to prosecute the president.

Napolitano explained, “Depending upon how you look at them, it might be enough to prosecute. But it did show a venal, amoral, deceptive Donald Trump, instructing his aides to lie and willing to help them do so. That’s not good in the president of the United States.”

The judge claimed that the report did not exonerate the president, however, it also didn’t contain overwhelming evidence. Napolitano continued, “In the 700-page summary of the 2 million pages of raw evidence, there is undoubtedly some evidence of a conspiracy and some evidence of obstruction of justice. Just not enough evidence.”

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Napolitano was not a fan of Attorney General Barr’s initial letter. He said at the time, “When he said in his four-page letter that the government could not establish the existence of a conspiracy – he meant it could not establish it beyond a reasonable doubt. Did they find some evidence of conspiracy? Of course they did! If they didn’t, he would have told us.”

Trump has become increasingly irritated with coverage from Fox News, specifically the network holding a Bernie Sanders event. He tweeted, “So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews. Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the “audience” was so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have. “

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