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Fox News’ Napolitano Calls Barr’s Actions ‘Dumb and Insulting’

Fox News’ Napolitano Calls Barr’s Actions ‘Dumb and Insulting’

While he does work as an analyst for Fox News, Andrew Napolitano has made enemies within the White House. Chief among them is President Donald Trump who took to Twitter in late April to slam the judge.

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The criticism has not prevented Napolitano from voicing his opinions on the actions of Attorney General, William Barr. In his latest Liberty File, the judge claimed that Barr’s Mueller report letter was misleading and deceptive.

Napolitano took issue with Barr denying he was aware of any criticism from Mueller and his team. “But of course, Barr did know because Mueller told him in his letter of the complaints his office had about the four-page letter,” said the judge. “(Mueller) made a permanent record of his complaint about Barr’s sanitized letter, and Barr hid that record from Congress.”

The legal analyst also took issue with Barr saying Trump has been exonerated from a conspiracy charge. According to Napolitano, the report, “revealed 127 communications between Russian agents and Trump campaign officials in a 16-month period. That is hardly an exoneration.”

But Napolitano reserved his harshest criticism for the rationale behind Barr’s 4 page letter. The judge claimed:

“It is clear that Barr’s four-page letter, about which Mueller complained to Barr and some of Mueller’s team complained to the media, was a foolish attempt to sanitize the Mueller report. It was misleading, it was disingenuous, it was even deceptive. Also, because Barr could argue that all or nearly all of the Mueller report would soon become public, it was dumb and insulting.”

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