Fox News Mocked Over Ridiculous Obama ‘Selfie Stick’ Criticism

In what can only be assumed to be a tongue-in-cheek jab at the right-wing media and its previous obsession over every little thing former President Barack Obama did while in office — as well as conservatives for being overly forgiving of the gaffes the current president makes on a near-daily basis — the Daily Show shared an intriguing video last week.  The video reminds us of what Fox News and the right-wing media once attacked former President Obama for his use of a selfie stick.

In the video, clips of Fox News personalities are shown describing Obama using a selfie stick in 2015. They describe his use of the gadget as being “undignified,” “not presidential,” and “a new low for our juvenile president.”  Lou Dobbs’s voice was also featured prominently in the video, as he quoted a Minnesota newspaper describing Obama as a “self-absorbed assclown.”

The Daily Show described the “controversy” as “a scandal” that “rocked the Obama presidency to its core” at the time.

Fox News wasn’t alone in attacking the former president. Other commentators went after Obama, including Dinesh D’Souza, who described the president’s use of a selfie stick as “ghetto” and an “embarrassment.”

Meanwhile, ever since he came into office, Fox News has seemingly bent over backwards many times to come to the aid of President Donald Trump’s controversies and gaffes, big and small, including reversing course when he made embarrassing statements during the Helsinki summit with Russia President Vladimir Putin, MSNBC reported.

Trump had said during the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that he didn’t “see any reason why it would be Russia,” referring to that nation’s attempts to interfere with our elections. Trump later tried to play it off by saying he misspoke, according to CNN.

While initially joining mainstream media in criticizing the president, hosts on the network soon were defending him over the matter, including Mark Levin who said the media were “acting like it’s the apocalypse” when it came to Trump’s miscues.

Some will likely view the Daily Show’s reminder on how right-wing media once acted when the president used a selfie stick as a telling example of how the network and other conservative voices have lowered the bar on how they criticize a sitting commander-in-chief.

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