Fox News Millionaire Brian Kilmeade Melts Down Over Stimulus Checks

Fox News host and right-wing simp Brian Kilmeade had an on-air meltdown on Thursday’s edition of Fox and Friends over a bipartisan proposal to send $2,000 stimulus checks to struggling Americans as jobless claims reach record levels amid the worsening COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kilmeade has a net worth of around $8 million thanks to the $4 million annual salary he earns lying to people on behalf of President Donald Trump (who supports direct payments).

Kilmeade insisted that “Americans want to work their way out” of the economic crater caused by the coronavirus, which has shuttered small businesses – forever, in many instances. “They want this lockdown to end, the vaccine distributed,” he said.

“They want to be able to open up responsibly their business.”

What better way to recover from a year-long national trauma than forcing people back into dead-end low-wage jobs with no social safety net.

“All I hear about from Democrats is, ‘I’m gonna give them more money. I’m going to give them a $2000 check. I’m going to say they don’t have to pay their rent,'” Kilmeade whined.

For the record, Democrats have never said that people should not pay their rent if they are able to, and polling has consistently shown strong public support for additional rounds of government stimulus checks.

“What about the landlords?” Kilmeade shouted. In New York City, most buildings are owned by LLCs or multi-billion-dollar property management firms that charge grossly overinflated rents.

“I’m going to alleviate student debt,” said Kilmeade, as if that is bad. “What about the 32-year-olds who just spent ten years working their butts off to pay off their student debt? What about the 40-year-old medical student who is doing all that and had all those sacrifices?”

Kilmeade then declared that “giving people an easy way out is not the American way. Allowing them to work their way out is doing it.”

At least he is honest about how he really feels – that Americans, who lost their jobs and livelihoods through no fault of their own – should have to serve their corporate masters for survival pittance.

“They locked us down for – you said six weeks, three months to bend the curve – we’re almost on a year now, and you wanna give us $2,000, and then you want a big ‘thank you.’ I don’t want the $2,000,” said Kilmeade, who does not qualify for it.

“Let me open up my restaurant, let me get back to the office building,” seethed Kilmeade, who is not opening a restaurant and who goes to Fox News headquarters for work every day.

“I’ll buy lunch, I’ll ride the train, I’ll use the Subway, and then the tax system, the American system, will get going,” the Trump flunky said. “The longer we stay out, the longer we’re going to be dependent on those ‘free money’ which is money we don’t have cause we have no tax dollars rolling in.”

The government has no money to help people – unless we all happen to be airlines, banks, crappy pillow factories, or private armies – which have received hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars.

When co-host Steve Doocy rightfully called out Kilmeade for “speaking from the New York point of view,” Kilmeade became even angrier: “No, I’m speaking from the American point of view.”

Watch below, courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

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