Fox News Mark Levin Says Republicans Who Voted For Bi-Partisan Bill “Need to Go” Because They “Chose Tyranny”

Joe Biden got a big win on Tuesday when his bi-partisan infrastructure bill passed through the senate. Astonishingly, in these partisan times, 19 Republican senators voted for the bill along with all 50 Democrats.

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The hosts on Fox News were apoplectic that GOP lawmakers would work in such a manner. No one was madder than Mark Levin. The host called for primary opponents for all of the Republicans who broke ranks.

Levin began his rant, “We choose liberty, but the 19 Republicans in the Senate chose tyranny.”

The Conservative pundit continued:

“And let me say this: I can sit here and whine about it, we all can. We need to galvanize. We need to rally. We need to understand what’s going on.

Republicans who sell out, who don’t get what’s swelling around for a few bridges and tunnels need to go, in every Republican primary. Write down those 19 Republicans, assuming some of them are going to run for reelection. 

But, we have to have a new Tea Party Movement, Reagan Revolution, Trump Revolution, Gingrich Revolution. We need to rally, we need to galvanize.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters and Fox News:

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