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Fox News Loses Its Mind Over a Pig’s Head, Blames Daunte Wright for His Own Death

Fox News Loses Its Mind Over a Pig’s Head, Blames Daunte Wright for His Own Death

The Fox & Friends trio had a collective meltdown on Thursday morning over people that are protesting the police slaying of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, who was shot and killed on Sunday by former Brooklyn Center, Minnesota cop Kim Potter.

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The clip begins with co-host Ainsley Earhardt feigning offense because a protester held up a pig’s head, donning a police hat, on a pike.

“Absolute demonization of law enforcement is what you see from the other side of this movement, and to hear Ben Crump, the attorney, stand at the podium and say, ‘this was an intentional act,’ he said it was deliberate, that is throwing gasoline on a fire,” co-host Pete Hegseth groaned.

“And you know what, you can look at that video tape – and it’s – we’ll have due process,” he continued.

“This woman has spent 26 years on the force. She was training a trainee in the process when this happened, apparently has an exemplary record, was a head of the police union, was a member of the community, made a tough call – the wrong call – and tragically someone was killed in that moment. Due process is what got her police chief fired – calling for due process,” Hegseth said of Potter, who quit the force shortly before prosecutors charged her with second-degree manslaughter on Wednesday.

Shockingly, Hegseth is not telling the truth. The now-former Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon was not fired. He and Potter both tendered their resignations on Tuesday.

Hegseth then blamed Wright for his own death, which occurred after Potter pulled him over for having expired license plates and an air freshener dangling from his rear-view mirror.

Initial reports stated that Potter intended to use her Taser on Wright but instead grabbed her gun and fired.

“Very few people are willing to have the conversation we should have, which is Daunte Wright should be alive, but if he had complied, he would be alive. Ultimately there was an arrest ongoing because there was a warrant for his arrest after this traffic stop. He decided to fight the cop. When you decide to fight the cop, you escalate the situation. She didn’t make the right call. He shouldn’t be dead. I’m not excusing that. But when you fight back, you create a tragic, the possibility for a tragic situation,” Hegseth said.

None of those minor violations carry the death penalty.

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“She was trying to do her job. She made the wrong call,” Earhardt interjected.

“Yes!” exclaimed Hegseth.

“She was training another – someone else- two days ago, and now she is behind bars, and a mother is without her child. A family is grieving. It’s just terrible every way you look at it,” said Earhardt.

Watch below via Crooks and Liars:

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