Fox News’ Kennedy Calls on Donald Trump to Release His Taxes

On Wednesday morning, former Trump campaign architect Steve Bannon was arrested on charges of mail fraud. It does not seem like the President is involved in Bannon’s alleged crimes. It is troubling for his campaign, however, to have another person deeply involded with his political ascent.

The hosts of Fox’s Outnumbered discussed the President’s Bannon predicament during Thursday’s broadcast. The segment ended with Lisa Kennedy calling for Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

The Fox panel noted that there is no way to paint Bannon’s arrest in a positive light. Harris Faulkner remarked, “You’ve got yet another advisor, former advisor of the president of the United States, that is being looked at legally, arrested on a boat by U.S. Postal Service agents who were investigating this. This is not a good look. You see the president distancing himself. You see a prime minister who has come very far away from Iraq sitting there for all of this, because it became news during that bilateral.”

Host Lisa Kennedy admitted that it would help Trump to look more transparent. “I want to see what is in any president’s tax returns,” she said. “I know that may be an unpopular statement for people who are very supportive of the president, and maybe he has nothing to hide. So just stop dragging this out. It is a huge distraction, and every time the president has one of these distractions it takes away from anything that he could consider a victory.”

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