Fox News’ Juan Williams Slams Great Replacement Theory Often Promoted by Colleague Tucker Carlson

Juan Williams often stands alone as one of the few Liberal voices on Fox News. And viewers will soon be seeing less of him. Williams announced this week that he will be stepping down from his hosting duties on The Five, though he will remain with the network.

Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

As he proved every week on his show, Williams has no qualms slamming conspiracy theories made by his colleagues. And in an op-ed for The Hill, the pundit took on The Great Replacement Theory, one often promoted by Tucker Carlson.

Williams was writing about senate Republicans recent refusal to hold a 1/6 commission. He wrote, “What Senate Republicans are really avoiding is the truth that Trump’s lies and slash-and-burn, truth-be-damned politics drove some of them to play along with him. They are implicated in the insurrection — not in a criminal sense, but in a moral sense.”

The Fox host continued, “The fast changing realities of American life are particularly threatening for the Trump base of white, non-college educated, rural voters. It makes them open to what social scientists call ‘ingrouping.’ In other words, people seek the company of people like themselves in terms of economic class, race, and political ideology.”

Williams also noted that many of the insurrectionists were from towns that were quickly becoming less white. And any of those rioters most likely watch Tucker Carlson. The ADL recently slammed Carlson for his consistent pushing of the idea. As usual, Fox decided to do nothing about their controversial anchor.

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