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Fox News Jesse Watters Slam US Women’s Soccer Team

Fox News Jesse Watters Slam US Women’s Soccer Team

The United States Women’s National Team capped off an outstanding last couple of weeks by winning the World Cup. The team, who defeated the Netherlands by a score of 2-0 is also fighting for the same pay as their significantly less successful male counterparts.

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Some of the women on the team made waves with comments that were critical of President Donald Trump. Today, Fox News personality, Jesse Watters, claimed that their “behavior” hurt their cause in seeking equal wages.

While Watters admitted, “women do actually make more revenue and they get paid less,” he said they themselves were to blame. “They negotiated a horrible deal and they need to renegotiate that immediately,” claimed the host.


He then hit the team for their comments about the President, claiming that they were being unpatriotic. “But the point is that women are not helping their case by their behavior,” Watters continued. “If you go out and you disparage the president and you act in unpatriotic ways and then complain about not getting paid equally, well, what do you think is gonna happen?”

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Watters then went on to proclaim that a number of his friends said that they would not watch the game. He explained, “That means the ad revenue comes down and that means their overall revenue comes down and they can’t divvy up the same amount of money.”

The Fox host’s comments, however did not necessarily bear out. The game drew 14.3 million viewers, many more than watched the Men’s World Cup final from 2018.

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