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Fox News’ Jesse Watters is Rebuked by His Own Mother for his Trump Support

Fox News’ Jesse Watters is Rebuked by His Own Mother for his Trump Support

Oftentimes TV personalities are afraid of criticism.  They view attacks on their opinions as insults to their very being.  Fox News’ Jesse Watters’, however, seemingly doesn’t take it personally when his own views become the brunt of an attack.  At least this was the case when his own politically liberal mother, Dr. Anne Watters scathingly attacked Jesse via text message, for his overwhelming support of President Trump and his attacks on the special counsel.

Jesse Watters often reads texts he receives from his mother on a segment of his show, The Five, that he calls “Mom Texts”.

In the latest edition, which ran on Wednesday evening, Jesse’s mother scathing attacked him for his unwavering support of President Trump and his lack of knowledge concerning the special counsel’s investigation.

The first text that Watters read from his mother was one that said,  Manafort is a criminal,” to which Watters responded, “Short and sweet mom.”

The next text that Watters shared from his liberal mother was one that read, “Jesse – The Mueller investigation is now a 3 pronged attack- you read Axios- and you are coming across as utterly unethical and valueless? Why do that?”

She then went on to tell Jesse, “You do not have the expertise nor knowledge to question the special counsel’s investigation until you know what they know. Hush Jesse.”

The next text read, “We are a nation of laws. Please tone down the strident attack on our court system. You end up presenting as lacking a moral compass honey. We all know you are a Trumpet- you need not scream it.”

The fifth tweet that Watters read from his mother said, “Please bring just a TAD more measured caution to your heretofore overly excited support of this President; you are presenting as really out there Jesse.  And above all, please stay in your wheelhouse- you can have an opinion but let’s acknowledge that you have no legal expertise.”

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This tweet was then followed up with a final one which read, “DO NOT accept an offer to be Chief of Staff….”

Watters, like many other Fox News hosts and commentators, has taken a lot of heat for his undying support of the current president.  This just goes to show you that even some of those closest to Watters disagree with his ideologies.


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