Fox News Is Big Mad Over President Biden Doing His Job

President Joe Biden directly addressed the country on Thursday night, once again assuring the American people that “help is here” now that he has signed the American Rescue Plan into law. Eligible people with their direct deposit information on file with the IRS could see their $1400 stimulus payment as soon as this weekend, and the other aspects of the bill will be felt quickly. President Biden also promised enough vaccines for all adults to be vaccinated beginning May 1st. The President asked for the American peoples’ help in getting to the point where everyone can gather in small groups to celebrate the Fourth of July together, providing a real feeling of hope that the end of the pandemic is closer than ever before. Biden spoke calmly and compassionately for twenty-four minutes, ending his remarks by thanking everyone for spending time with him. It was about as different from his predecessor lying about the virus a year ago as he could have gotten.

So of course Fox News hated every minute.

Rae Whitlock/Wikimedia

While Donald Trump routinely gave speeches lasting more than an hour — with multiple speeches lasting longer than 90 minutes — Fox complained about Biden’s 24-minute address. Because they’re afraid if their viewers see real competent leadership, they might question just what was going on the last four years.

“Biden should be finished; Tucker is on any minute,” the chyron read as Biden finished his remarks.

Carlson was caught on a live camera, which was shut down fairly quickly once they caught on that they were broadcasting him being exactly what Jon Stewart called him, but then brought him back anyway, because Fox.


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