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Fox News Host Tries To Talk To New Yorkers, But No One Wants to Talk to Him

Fox News Host Tries To Talk To New Yorkers, But No One Wants to Talk to Him

Fox News host Steve Doocy has been a prominent figure on Fox and Friends for quite some time now. This morning he tried to talk to some New Yorkers, but things didn’t go as planned.

Doocy flagged down a woman who was clearly walking away from him in a New York City crosswalk and she seemed completely uninterested. Finally, Doocy got the woman to stop. He asked her how often she looks at her phone. She answered:

“Um, I try not to, often.”

The woman then continued to walk away from the Fox Host and onto the sidewalk. Doocey then tried to scare her about her phone habit, saying:

“Going forward, you could get fined $250. Is that a bad idea?”

The woman mumbled to the host and then just walked away, looking harassed.

Doocy then moved on to another sidewalk person, this time a man who had earbuds in. This guy did not even give him the courtesy of acknowledging his existence. He just kept walking with his earbuds, bopping to his music.

The project was apparently conducted during rush hour on the streets of New York City. Doocy persisted, though, as the busy walkers ignored him. He finally left them alone and said:

“Meanwhile, we got all these people, they’re going to work. Keep in mind, that if you’re working New York City it’s nine o’clock,  you have about twenty minutes to go.”

The purpose of the segment was to highlight the fact that texting and walking, or looking at your phone and walking can be dangerous. New York City is considering a $250 fine for people who do this, because they need a deterrent.

Perhaps Doocy’s purpose was to show that liberal New Yorkers do not follow the law and would not care about such a government measure. Or maybe that one of the most liberal cities in America loves socialism and government tyranny, even when a proposed law is nowhere near taking effect.

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Either way, New Yorkers on the street in Doocy’s experiment had no interest in engaging this fight.

Watch the segment below:

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