Fox News Host Pooh-Poohs Donald Trump’s 2024 Prospects: ‘He Still Has No Agenda’

Fox News host Juan Williams threw cold water on the possibility of former President Donald Trump launching another bid for the White House in 2024 in a searing editorial in The Hill on Monday.

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First, Williams acknowledged that Trump – who turned 75 last month – is indeed a frontrunner for the Republican nomination in the next cycle, although he is not the only one. Some polling shows Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis expanding his appeal among the GOP’s predominantly right-wing primary voters.

“Trump’s 41 percent favorable rating in the RealClearPolitics (RCP) average of polls — a poor rating for a former president — hides the fact that two-thirds of Republicans recently told Quinnipiac University polling that they want to see Trump run for the nomination in 2024. Why wouldn’t Trump run, with that kind of hold on the party?” wrote Williams.

The problem with another Trump candidacy, Williams said, is that the two-time loser of the national popular vote stands on a political platform made of sand.

“The problem for Trump is that while his candidacy is the tallest tree in the GOP jungle, it has shallow roots in the soft, shifting soil of a cult of personality. At his maximum political power, Trump is a towering idol for a fickle crowd that agrees on only one thing — hating Democrats. Trump had no strong political agenda to attract support when he ran in 2020,” said Williams. “He still has no agenda.”

Further, Williams argued, Trump’s only discernable pitch involves him parading around like an insecure wannabe mob boss yelling at clouds.

“He makes headlines by demonizing Democrats as ‘socialists’ and shouting his latest grievance with liberal ‘cancel culture’ into microphones. He also attacks Republicans who don’t bow to him,” Williams said.

Williams also admonished Trump’s GOP enablers in Congress – of which they are many – for abandoning their party’s principles in exchange for Trump’s deranged musings:

What happened to Republicans joining the debate over ideas for dealing with police abuse? Oh, right — Republicans in Congress fear upsetting their older, white voting base by holding police responsible for racially disproportionate shootings of Black citizens and using deadly holds of the kind that led to the murder of George Floyd. In fact, the grievance of the moment among the Trump base is outrage at schools teaching about America’s long history of slavery, rigid racial segregation and the civil rights struggle.

What happened to the debate over the stunning number of billionaires and big corporations that pay little to no taxes? It turns out Republicans are more concerned with how some tax records became public than with rising income inequality and billionaires evading taxes.

What about Republican input on urgently needed immigration reform to deal with the more than 10 million people in the country without proper documents? Well, Republicans prefer to take selfies at the border than offer any ideas for passing immigration reform to solve a major national problem.

What happened to the longstanding conservative fight for fiscal discipline? That went away with Trump blowing up the national debt with his tax cuts.

What happened to right-wing passion for the rule of law? Oh, right — they don’t want to talk about Trump using the Justice Department to try to undo a lawful election.

So instead, Republican talking heads and elected officials are focused on how the Hasbro toy company represents the gender of a plastic toy, Mr. Potato Head. And then there is the right-wing talk shows’ fevered fascination with whether transgender children are allowed to compete on girls’ school teams.

Williams warned that if these trends continue, the Republican Party risks condemning itself to irrelevancy via terminal stupidity:

It was 29 years ago that right-wing firebrand Pat Buchanan gave his famous ‘culture war’ speech at the Republican convention. He lashed out against ‘the raw sewage of pornography that so terribly pollutes our popular culture’. Sad to say, but Buchanan now looks like an intellectual giant among Republicans compared to the current toxic silliness about Mr. Potato Head that consumes the Trump Party in 2021 — and potentially 2024.

The full editorial is available here.

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