Fox News Host Melts Down Because Joe Biden Went for a Bike Ride

President Joe Biden went for a bike ride with First Lady Jill Biden in Delaware over the weekend and the propaganda puppets over at Fox News simply could not stand it. On Monday, host Rachel Campos-Duffy said that Biden’s brief excursion was a warning sign that he is becoming too senile to execute his duties as commander in chief.

Screenshot/Fox News

“Being the leader of the free world has to be the most demanding job in the whole world and he simply does not have the mental or physical stamina to do this job and that is why his handlers and his wife, who by the way look increasingly like Visiting Angels, have to schedule in these senior breaks for him so he can take naps and go for bike rides because he can’t concentrate on the job the way he should,” said Campos-Duffy, who then suggested than Biden’s obese, twice-impeached predecessor was a beacon of physical and mental health.

“I mean, just compare it to President Donald Trump, who worked these long, long hours and had impromptu hourlong pressers with the media,” she added.

Campos-Duffy’s version of Trump exists exclusively deep inside Fox’s fantasy land. Trump was notorious for living off of a diet consisting of fast food, being a vocal skeptic of the benefits of exercise, and would even scoot around in a golf cart to traverse short distances. More crucially, however, Trump spent a full third of his single term playing and cheating at golf. But right-wingers had no problem with that, even though it cost taxpayers millions of dollars and lined Trump’s own pockets.

Watch below:

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