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Fox News Host: Ilhan Omar ‘Whines’ Too Much Over Death Threats

Fox News Host: Ilhan Omar ‘Whines’ Too Much Over Death Threats

A Fox News host dismissed death threats against a sitting member of Congress, suggesting that her complaints should be viewed as nothing more than her whining over something that happens regularly.

The topic of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota) and some of the controversial statements she’s made in the past, as well as NBC “Late Night” host Seth Meyer’s criticisms of those who continue to berate her after she’s apologized for them, was on the mind of panelists during Fox News’ “The Five” on Wednesday.

Host Jesse Watters struggled to empathize with Omar reportedly receiving death threats.

“Everybody gets death threats…We get them. We don’t whine about them,” Watters stated plainly on the program, according to reporting from MSN.

Watters further claimed that the only reason Democrats have come to Omar’s defense is because he believes the party wants to increase “traffic in anti-Semitism.”

“She’s not that talented, she didn’t raise a lot of money” for the Democratic Party, Watters added. (In truth, Omar raised more than $800,000 in her first three months in Congress, ahead of many other members of Congress during the same time period.)

The topic came about because, earlier this week, Meyers grilled Meghan McCain on his program about her continued criticism of Omar, according to reporting from USA Today. Meyers pointed out in his debate with McCain that Omar “has since unequivocally apologized” for statements some have construed as being insensitive to Jewish Americans.

Watters leveled criticism of Meyers as well for his defense of Omar.

Rather than engage in a legitimate national conversation with McCain, Watters felt that Meyers should “try to make jokes” on his program instead.

“He should try to help his career long-term because, to position himself to the left of Colbert, I don’t think you want to be there when you’re in line for the late-night show,” Watters said, a reference to the fact that “Late Night” hosts often get picked for the more popular earlier evening programming further in their careers.

Not everyone on “The Five” panel agreed with Watters’s statements. Juan Williams interjected to suggest that most anti-Jewish sentiment, including people chanting anti-Semitic rhetoric and “marching in the street,” comes from the right.

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The other Fox News panelists derided Williams for his observation, saying it’s not a “left-right” issue, and urged him to check his sources.

Fox News has aired segments in the past suggesting that death threats to government officials should be taken seriously, such as in 2016 when a conservative elector in Michigan was receiving death threats for planning to vote for Donald Trump in the Electoral College.

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