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Fox News Host Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Finds New Home With Steve Bannon’s Online Network

Fox News Host Fired Over Sexual Misconduct Finds New Home With Steve Bannon’s Online Network

The Daily Beast is reporting that more than a year after Fox News fired him over complaints about “willful sexual misconduct in the workplace,” a former Fox News host has returned to the right-wing, landing at Steve Bannon’s online fringe network, Real America’s Voice.

Justin Baragona writes that Ed Henry, who was fired after he was sued by a Fox producer over accusations of sexual assault and rape, is now working as a correspondent and “political insider” for Bannon, who has a history of hanging out with men accused of such things.

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Baragona details how Henry “popped in” as a contributor during the last few weeks on Real America’s Voice, which has angered Jennifer Eckhart, the ex-Fox News producer who levied the accusations against Henry. The report quotes an attorney representing Eckhart, who issued a statement that read in part: “It is unfathomable that Real America’s Voice has decided to give Mr. Henry, an alleged sexual harasser, and abuser, this new platform. This recent hiring decision is yet another example of why so many survivors of abuse are afraid to come forward while their perpetrators are often rewarded in the workplace.”

Henry was terminated by Fox on July 1st last year following an investigation into the sexual assault allegations, Baragona writes. “Weeks later, Henry was hit with a lawsuit from Eckhart, a former Fox News reporter and associate producer who alleged he raped her and ‘performed sadistic acts on her without her consent that left her injured, bruised and battered with bloody wrists.'”

The suit also claimed that Henry, who is married, “groomed, psychologically manipulated and coerced” her into a sexual relationship in which he referred to her as his “sex slave.”

Read Justin Baragona’s full report here.

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