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Fox News Host Fails To Blindside Bernie Sanders As Town Hall Backs His Medicare-for-all Plan

Fox News Host Fails To Blindside Bernie Sanders As Town Hall Backs His Medicare-for-all Plan

During a town hall event featuring Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Fox News host Bret Baier tried to demonstrate that most of the audience members didn’t back the lawmaker’s calls for health care changes.

Unfortunately for Baier, the audience showed overwhelming support for Sanders’ plan.

Sanders, who is one of many candidates running for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, has long-touted a “Medicare-for-all” plan that would provide government-funded health insurance for every American.

After Sanders touted his proposed Medicare-for-all plan during the town hall, Baier attempted to poll the audience about their attitudes about such a plan, according to reporting from Vox.

“I want to ask the audience a question,” he said. “If you can raise your hand here, a show of hands of how many people get their insurance from work, private insurance?”

Almost all of the hands in the studio audience went up.

“OK, now of those, how many are willing to transition to what the senator says, a government-run system?” Baier then asked.

It was clear from the intonation of his voice that Baier didn’t expect a lot of hands to be raised. But once again, almost all of them went up, and this time, there were even cheers and applause in support of the idea of a Medicare-for-all plan.

Support across the country for a single-payer model for health insurance has been consistently high over the years, according to research compiled by the Kaiser Family Foundation. In fact, polling from KFF in January found that 56 percent of Americans favored replacing the current employer-based model, which would eliminate private insurance companies, in favor of a government-administered plan. Forty-two percent of Americans opposed the idea.

The spread in favor of government-run health insurance grows wider when you ask Americans how they’d feel about a Medicare-for-all plan that would allow individuals to keep their private insurance if they still wanted it. Seventy-three percent of Americans would back that idea, while only 24 percent say they’d oppose it.

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This isn’t the first time that Fox News has attempted to showcase how supposedly unpopular the idea of a single-payer system is, only to be shown that the citizens of the country overwhelmingly support it.

In July 2018, the Twitter account for “Fox & Friends” put out a poll asking Americans whether the benefits of the tens-of-trillions of dollars plan promoted by Sanders would be worth the costs — only to find out that users in that poll overwhelmingly said “yes,” the costs would be worth it, by a 73 percent to 27 percent margin.

Although it’s often touted by conservative media as an expensive boondoggle, the plan for a Medicare-for-all system of health insurance would actually save the federal government about $5.1 trillion over the course of the first decade it would be in place, according to some studies on Sanders’ proposal.

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