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Fox News Host Dubiously Claims Protesters’ Boos Weren’t For Ivanka

Fox News Host Dubiously Claims Protesters’ Boos Weren’t For Ivanka

On Tuesday morning, while members of the Trump administration were making their way to a joint press conference in London with President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade tried to defend the president’s daughter against potential claims of the crowd on the street booing at her.

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After Ivanka Trump exited a doorway, followed closely behind by Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton, audible jeers and boos could be heard from protesters, per reporting from The Daily Beast.

It was an occurrence that had already been happening during much of Trump’s visit to London up to that point. Thousands have gathered in public places across the city, including the infamous “Trump Baby” balloon float that the president’s motorcade passed by earlier in the day.

Kilmeade had previously complained in the program that other news agencies were putting too much emphasis on the protests.

Nevertheless, despite his complaints, Kilmeade’s co-host Steve Doocy heard the crowd’s anger, and described to the Fox News audience what he had heard from them. “Does that sound like some booing?” he asked, Talking Points Memo reported.

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“That’s not for Ivanka, it’s for John Bolton,” Kilmeade insisted. He added that “he loves it.”

Kilmeade’s insistence that Ivanka Trump wasn’t being booed was a tad-bit peculiar, especially given that the video seemed to indicate that she was the recipient of negative attention from the crowd.

Watching the video demonstrates that Ivanka Trump exits the doorway first, which is when the booing began. Bolton follows closely behind her, but it’s difficult to see him from the angle that the camera captured the moment, making it questionable whether the crowd outside was booing him instead of the president’s daughter.

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