Fox News Host Destroys Trump’s Narrative that Democrats are to Blame for Shutdown

While Fox News often reports with a conservative bend, some hosts act as exceptions. Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith have been neutral in their reporting and have criticized the Trump administration at times.

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Last night, the two engaged in a debate over who was to blame for the government shutdown. Wallace took the position that both are to blame, while Smith placed the blame solely on the president.

Wallace began the segment by claiming that, “It takes two to tango.” Smith immediately replied, “There’s no tango here. The president said I’m ‘shutting the government down.”

“Both sides are party to this,” Wallace responded. “Now we’re in an argument about whether the president is going to get to make a State of the Union address. Whether Nancy Pelosi is going to get to go to Afghanistan. None of this solves the really key issue of reopening the government, getting a compromise on border security and immigration. And there’s obviously a deal where both sides are going to have to compromise.”

Smith disagreed, saying that the Democrats are protecting the will of the people. “The Democrats ran in the midterm elections of 2018, saying we’re not giving him a wall. They won 40 plus seats in the House of Representatives and they’re not giving him a wall. The ones who control the purse strings said no and he closed down the government. He can reopen it tomorrow if he wants to.”

See the video here:

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