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Fox News Host Compares Kavanaugh Treatment to The Crucifixion of Christ

Fox News Host Compares Kavanaugh Treatment to The Crucifixion of Christ

In the weeks since Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford delivered her sexual assault claims, Conservatives have almost been in a contest to see who could most fiercely defend Brett Kavanaugh.

Fox News host Greg Gutfield may have taken the cake with his comparison of Kavanaugh’s treatment to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Fox host feels that the Democrats and their supporters are engaging in mob rule. According to Gutfield, “Crucifixion was an important event because it was designed to establish a wall between justice and mob rule – Christ dies so that the mob wouldn’t survive.”

Mob rule has been an important talking point in the Conservative defense of Kavanaugh. Chuck Grassley, Senator from Iowa is also concerned about mob rule.

Grassley says, “This should have been a respectable and dignified confirmation process. My colleagues should say no to mob rule.”

John Cornyn, Senator from Texas, was also concerned, “This is the first confirmation for a Supreme Court justice I’ve seen, basically according to mob rule.”

Republicans have raised the hyperbole in non-religious ways as well. Lindsey Graham, who may be Kavanaugh’s fiercest defender, yelled to protestors, “You’ve humiliated this guy enough and there seems to be no bottom for some of you.”

Graham continued, “Why don’t you dunk him in water and see if he floats.” These comments were made in response to a protestor asking that Kavanaugh take a lie detector test.

Donald Trump, who spent much of the process restrained and behaved, has now turned to a full defense of Kavanaugh. He has claimed that Kavanaugh protestors have sinister motives.

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This morning Trump tweeted, “The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it!”

The tweet refers to another common Republican talking point that many Democratic protestors are funded by billionaire George Soros. The vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation will take place tomorrow.

Here’s the full segment on Fox News:


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