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Fox News Host Calls for Vladimir Putin to Kill Joe Biden

Fox News Host Calls for Vladimir Putin to Kill Joe Biden

Last month, President Joe Biden announced that he will attend a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16th.

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“The leaders will discuss the full range of pressing issues, as we seek to restore predictability and stability to the U.S.-Russia relationship,” the White House said a statement on May 25th.

The Kremlin said in a press release of its own that “we intend to discuss the state and prospects of further development of Russian-American relations, problems of strategic stability, as well as topical issues on the international agenda, including interaction in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the settlement of regional conflicts.”

Looking ahead, whatever happens will certainly not resemble the treacherous and pet-like bromance between Putin and former President Donald Trump.

But on Thursday, Fox News propagandist Greg Gutfield shared his vision. He would like to see Putin assassinate Biden.

“Do you think he should hold a summit? Should he meet with Putin?” The Five panelist Harold Ford Jr. asked Gutfield.

Gutfield creepily suggested that Putin may have sinister plans for his encounter with Biden.

“Yeah I gotta disagree. If he holds firm, you know, there’s going to be something we can get out of this. There’s going to be something If Putin decides to have them killed. That’s something. You know? It’s possible,” Gutfeld replied while giving his fantasy a thumbs-up.

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Fox then immediately went to commercial – because what else can they do after one of their bobbleheads gleefully calls for a foreign dictator to murder the American president?

Watch below via Crooks and Liars:

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