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Fox News Host Brags That Fox News ‘Radicalized’ Trump

Fox News Host Brags That Fox News ‘Radicalized’ Trump

While political pundits on both sides of the aisle frequently accuse the other side of being “radicalized,” seldom do we hear media personalities claim that they themselves are helping to radicalize a populace, much less the President of the United States.

That’s just what happened yesterday on Fox News’ The Five. While discussing the President’s battles with the media, his constant tweets and his rhetoric towards “Fake News,” one co-host, Greg Gutfeld, made a rather bizarre suggestion, at least by Fox News standards.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Dana Perino: Twitter is a great tool for him. And one of the things he could’ve tweeted today is “Check this out, 51% of workers in America say they are happy.” That’s the first time in I can’t remember how many years.

Juan Williams: Uh that would — then why doesn’t he do that?

Dana Perino: Why doesn’t he do that?

Greg Gutfeld: Because it is not him. You know what it is? Trump was radicalized by something. Ok because he was a Democrat for a long time. He was fairly, he was pro-choice, liberal and many things. He was radicalized. What was he radicalized by? Us. Fox News. Fox News. When Fox News happened —

Dana Perino: It started making sense?

Greg Gutfeld: You — he started watching Fox News —

Dana Perino: No, no, and like, and the world starts to make sense.

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Greg Gutfeld: — to make sense to him. So all he’s doing, Juan, is what we do. Which is we bash the media. So he has turned the White House into a kinda like an alternative Fox show, where he sits there, and he rips the media.

The fact that a Trump supporter, like Gutfeld, seems to understand how much power Fox News has over the President and how Fox’s own negative rhetoric towards the press may be influencing Trump’s rhetoric, doesn’t surprise many of those on the left.

It’s the fact that Fox News seemingly admits that their own rhetoric is “radicalizing” the President of the United States, that should have all Americans at least questioning why TV personalities have such influence over the president.

The entire clip of this conversation can be seen below:

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